Saturday, December 26, 2009


Larry wrote to Myron:

The Penningtons might like to know about the possibility of getting an artifact collector to show us the copper or bronze breastplate he dug up just across the stream from Chart Rock. He dug it up 40 years or so ago. I have friends who know him and he might (or might not) go on cameera but maybe he would at least let the artifact be videoed. It would be interesting to find out.

I think a probe he was using either poked a hole in the breastplate or dented it. If it made a hold, that argues for copper, I would think.

Also, I will forward you within a day or two the description of Chart Rock as it was before it was dynamited by treasure hunters. Charles Berry has a better handle now on where that part of the cliff is. The full range of carvings of figures, tracks, designs et. was obviously a major (religious??) site.

Reportedly a couple or three carved figures remain at the very top of the cliff but when you, I and Charles were there we did not know exactly where to look.

It is a short distance downstream from the Stone Throne with the pecked sun disk and rays, and the Inscription

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am going to compress actions here to catch up to today.

Lee and Joy accepted my invitation. Susan was enthused about going but wanted a few days to make sure her schedule would match. She was going to invite Jim, also.

Two days ago Lee wrote

Hi Myron and Larry,

As now planned, Joy and I will be arriving in Batesville, AR on March 25th for the trek to the various sites we've talked about. I'm good for the 26, 27, 28, but I must leave no later than the 29th. I have a program in Utah April 1 & 2. (It's a 23 hour drive from Batesville). We'll be driving to Utah directly from Batesville. If you wanted to back the dates up for Batesville a couple of days, that would be fine with me. I have a program here in Louisville on March 22, but could get to Batesville on the 23th or the 24th if you wanted to back things up some. Let me know.

Also, if you have photos or information on the sites we are to visit, I'd like to get hold of these ahead of time to do some research. Thanks.

Am very much looking forward to this one.

To which I replied yesterday:Lee,

The gathering for Christmas has started. I think we can accomodate an earlier schedule. I am adding two photos. I found them a few days ago. I know where the others are, but will not take time to load then.

Photo #1 (on the right) The chartrock Tree shows a tree deliberately deformed as a signal to guide people to the spot. The tree is probably less than fifty years old, so the people who cut it may have been jst curious people who wanted to return.

Photo #2 (on the left) shows the three characters X-)-Y near the Chartrock. The camera was on or close to Chartrock.

If I remember correctly, X & Y are part of the Tifinag alphabet. But then, I have since discovered that they go back to the Minaon age, 3200 years ago. So they could have been ueed by many people to mean many things.

Monday, December 21, 2009


The three of us: Lee, Susan, and I were clumped together as the whole group walked the narrow tire tracks back to the main road.  We had just looked at, I believe, a 3700 year old engraving of a Minoan ship on rocks near to the center of Lake Superior.

As we walked I told Lee and Susan about the FAR.  I was suprized to hear one of them, I think it was Lee, say something like "I would like to see the FAR.  The other, probably Susan, responded like, "Me Too."  So I agreed to contact Larry.
But I forgot!

Lee reminded me, three months later at the Conference of Ancient America at Marquette, Michigan.  The Conference of Ancient America is where all the knowledgable scholars about subjects inprotant to understand ancient America meet.  There are many topics but the Conference appears to have agreed by majority acceptance that:

1  Many peoples came to ancient America in many boats from many places at many times. and

2. The Copper Trail story where about 110 million pounds of copper were carried away by some of those people, i.e. Minoans, is a story the Conference wants to make known.

So I wrote an email to Larry.  Then I forgot about the Trip to FAR again!
This time Larry reminded me.

" Mon, December 14, 2009 1:18:52 PM"
"Hi, Myron,
 "Any more news on Lee Pennington possibly coming to take the tour you and I went on in 2008?

"That would be great! Late March is probably the end range of the window for missing the ticks, snakes, chiggers and wildly growing vegetation for such a trip. ...

"Well, let me know about Pennington and Merry Christmas to you and yours. —Larry"


Hi, I am Myron.

I and my friends are planing a trip to FAR. FAR is an acronym for "Five Arkansas Rocks." I and Larry, who lives in Arkansas, took this trip about two years ago. I came back enthused. The FAR are evidence that many people came to ancient Arkansas from many places.

Well, one of the rocks has a date of 1541 scratched on it. So I am considering anything backwards in time from 1542 to be ancient. During the trip to FAR, we will also see modern interesting rocks: the zinc mine and the tombstones of the melange people. We will also be looking for very ancient evidence of the Big Event of 13,000 years ago when most of life on North America perished. I thought I saw some of this evidence two years ago.

I am going to keep some of the directions and locations vague. At this time a trip to FAR is an event for only a few very interested people to enjoy. Twice, two years ago, I found myself on my muddy knees struggling to grasp the trunks of small trees as I crawled up hill to reach another of the FAR. A minor mob of mildly curious people doing the same thing would badly damage Arkansas woodlands. So do not try to go to FAR unless Larry guides you--with a very small group of very interested friends.

But I encourage you to follow along on this second trip to FAR.