Monday, February 22, 2010

The picture shows a smelter for silver that is about a century and a half old. You ask; what is a silver smelter doing in a zinc mine? Well, it is Larry’s story. I want to be there when he tells it again.

Meanwhile, the smelter reminds me to still up the fire and make a check list. Let’s see now:

..March 23, Birdie and I to Denver
....OK with Hallorans?
..March 24, to Memphis at ?, ?, or ?
....Shuttle to Jonesville
....Larry to pick up or can Lee?
....Batesville motels? Make arrangements
..March 28,
....Ride to Jonesville?
....Overnight? Select motel?
Shuttle to Memphis
,,,,Flight home
..Larry -- check
..Lee and Joy—check
..Susan and friend?? Better find out.
..Larry’s other friends?
..Arkansas invitees ??
....Atl-Atl demo?
....Program at School?
....Evening program?
....Leni Lenape were Christians at Cowboy Church?
....Vehicles, how many and who?
..Contour Maps, Gotta get.
..Bronze Age America, copy to Larry
..Ogam and other ancient scripts. OK.
..Dickinson Projectile Point. OK
..Fix Suitcase
..Load Notebook computer
..Copy Cornstalk IV heritage
..Find Chaos of Cosmic Catastrophe

Looks like I got my “fire” stirred up again. I have many things to do. Larry, Lee, and Susan; help every chance you get.

Lee, I have to fly to Memphis. If you could pick me up there on your way to Batesville, the inbound travel schedule would be simpler. I understand that you are headed west after FAR. I could fly out of Little Rock or Branson, if that would fit your travel plans. Please coordinate with me.