Monday, March 29, 2010

MORNING of Trip to FAR

The travelers for the 2010 Trip to FAR met in the parking lot of Cave City mayor’s office. Moisture was on the ground and in the air. We began the “getting to know you” ritual.

In the picture you see Denny and Rick of the Exploring Izard County web site ( ), Steve, a friend of Larry’s, Freda, a writer for the Stone County Citizen, Charlie, a Cherokee who has a cannon he made himself, Lee, from Jole publishers.

What you do not see (much of ) is Larry, associate editor of Batesville Daily Guard, who stepped behind Rick, and me, author, who is behind the camera.

Larry, Charlie, Freda, Denny, Rick, and Steve traveled with us as companions. They contributed valuable information from their experience and contacts. Hail Bryant, who did not travel with us, shared his tales of history. All of them made this Trip to FAR a success beyond expectations.

Arkansas PR calls Arkansas the “natural” state. I hope the people of Arkansas recognize the natural talents of their neighbors and, especially, how precious these natural resources are.

Details of the trip will be published in the following weeks with a focus on each rock in the order of my ranking, by value, from least to most precious.

We done good!!