Tuesday, January 12, 2010



As a result of the last blog entry Donna and I have emailed each other several times.

She and Bill, her husband would really like to go along on the Trip to FAR, But Bill has had an operation on one knee and will be getting a similar operation on the other knee very soon. I emailed to Donna that Larry and I would like to keep the “mob” down to 10 people and two cars.

Donna emailed,

Re: Re: Re: A trip to FAR
Fri, January 8, 2010 1:30:39 PM

For now, I agree we can do a virtual hike. But please include a few close ups of details.

So this picture and those to follow are for Donna, but she will share them with you.

This picture shows a fallen grave stone in an old, old grave yard. The small square peg at the top may mark another grave made long ago. The white vase at the right is on a recent tomb stone.

The fallen grave stone we see in front of us has a brick on it so we can estimate the relative size. I sketched a white dotted line across the grave stone so you can see that the bottom end had been buried a respectable distance in the ground. The earth may have washed away, but a more natural reason may have been freezing and thawing.

Water that seeped under the grave stone may have frozen and expanded to lift the stone a little year after year. A good theory, except that the temperature does not usually get that cold in Arkansas. But wait. The stone itself could conduct the cold down. Also, if the stone had been there a long, long time there would have been periods of freezing that might have driven the frost layer that deep. The visible evidence implies the grave marker had been there a long, long time.

Why all the speculation? We hope to see in March that Ari’s name on the stone is written with RUNES!