Monday, January 25, 2010



This picture is a grave marker near at the inscription camp ground. I understand this to be the camp ground where we can park to walk to the Chartrock and the inscription. Last trip we took a different route for a reason I do not remember. Probably, we took a different route because of the lack of time to get permissions.

A couple of things are interesting about this grave marker. First, there are two dates on it. The oldest date is with the inscription that says “Died, Aug ?? AD 1779 ." This inscription implies that the first person in (or near) the marker may have been alive during the revolutionary war. The grave marker may have been put in place by the relatives of the person associated with the 1878 date.

Whatever time the grave marker got there, the implications are that grave yards in the area had been in use for a long, long time.

Second. Although the engraving in the center of the grave marker is very weather worn, the engraving at “A” appears to be similar to the clasped hand engravings on the grave markers near the Princess’ box grave. There are two chisel marks nearby. These chisel marks may have been made later to call attention to the finger area.

My imagination is very strong, but I used, at least, a few faint marks to allow me to sketch what may be the tips of five fingers (the thumb is above the arm). You may see something else in the faint marks. If so, our discussion will result in a better understanding of the grave marker inscription.

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