Saturday, March 13, 2010


The grave in the foreground belongs to the Indian princess, the next grave is her husband Levi Moore's and the older grave beyond is the one with the Ogam writing at one corner (and possibly elsewhere).

This stone is on the corner of a grave near the burial place of the Indian princess, Disa Moore. This grave appears much older than hers or her husband's (Levi Moore).

It is rumored that Disa Moore is a descendant of Peter Cornstalk [IV] (one of the younger Peter Cornstalks). A Peter Cornstalk and his brother both married their wives at nearby Wolf House, the oldest public building still standing in Arkansas.

A band of Shawnees lived across White River from Wolf House. The brother reportedly changed his last name to Avey and apparently was never harmed, but Peter Cornstalk is said to have been shot by whites who came to his house when he was there along.

He hid in the chimney, as there was no fire in the fireplace. The attackers thought he was not there but before leaving, one of them fired up the chimney. Cornstalk hung on until they rode away, then climbed down, went out into his cornfield and died. Cornstalk in the cornfield, very ironic. But that's the story.

I think this reportedly happened in Searcy County which is not such an improbably stretch for him to be buried in Farris Cemetery near Onia (pronounced Oney by all the nativ

All are in Farris Cemetery near Onia in Stone County, Arkansas.


..March 24, to Memphis, arrive at 1415
....Shuttle to Batesville
....Batesville motel: Holiday Inn Express
..March 28,
....Ride with Lee to Little Rock by 930
….Flight home. Confirm
..Lee and Joy
..Susan No response, assume no show.
..Larry’s other friends—Another car full
..Arkansas invitees, No Response, assume no show.
… Rune Stone appointment?
....Atl-Atl demo?
....Program at School?
....Evening program at Cherokee Village?
....Leni Lenape were Christians at Cowboy Church?
....Vehicles: Two, (Larry, Lee, Myron, Charlie,) …(Larry;s invitees)
..Contour Maps. USGS downloads free.
..Bronze Age America, Missed this. Going back to Liv. Pending.
..Ogam and other ancient scripts. OK.
..Dickinson Projectile Point. Need info. Pending.
..Load Notebook computer, Pending
..Copy Cornstalk IV heritage? Pending
..Find Chaos of Cosmic Catastrophe? Pending.
..Small straws & tape, Pending
..Camera, Mine now inop. Pending.

...Larry, It appears that the people you invite could occupy a second car. I hope for some rotation so we will be able to visit with everybody.
...My biggest concern is the scheduling to see the rune stone. Have you made that ,,,arrangement yet?
,,,Are we going to have any of the extracurricular meeting/

One Week to packing.

Let's lave a good Trip to FAR.