Monday, March 22, 2010

De Soto's Initial

This time next week, I hope to have been there and seen this rock again.

This is the engraving made by a man who traveled with De Soto. All maps of De Soto’s route do not show that his expedition came as far north as Batesville AR.

But few American historians really care ancient American history. The following quote comes from chapter 5, The Three Hundred Years War, in Earl Shorris’ book entitled The Death of the Great Spirit, 1971.

“The suppression of the true history of America is one of the more exquisite works of human society: the suppressed information is easily available to every citizen, yet few are even aware of its existence.” (p. 77)

American history books do not contain items such as:

The Egyptian expeditions, which may have carved Chartrock over 3200 years ago (ya).

The Iberian settlers, who may have created the Dickinson “arrowheads” 2500 to 1800 ya.

The Norse traders, who may have left tombstones 1400 to 700 ya.

The Irish Christians, who may have left marks on graves 600 to 400 ya.

And De Soto, who punched his name along his path of destruction 469 years ago.

True history was written, for millenniums, on the rocks near Batesville AR. I hope my great grand kids are some of the “few [who] are even aware of its existence.”

Meanwhile, Hal sent this link so you too can learn more true history about Stone County, Arkansas.

I want to read ancient true history.

I am going on a Trip to FAR.

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